Artem Kotelskiy

Email: artofkot [at]

I am a math postdoc at Indiana University, working in low-dimensional topology. Before that I was a graduate student at Princeton, under the supervision of Zoltán Szabó. Take a look at my CV below for more information.

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    My work is at the intersection of symplectic geometry and low-dimensional topology. I use methods from bordered Heegaard Floer homology and Fukaya categories to study invariants of such objects as 3-manifolds, knots, mapping classes of surfaces.
    In particular, these methods yield geometric invariants of 4-ended tangles, in the form of immersed curves on the boundary 4-punctured sphere. Currently, I think about knot theoretic applications of these immersed curve invariants, in the context of Khovanov, Heegaard Floer and instanton Floer theories. Take a look at my research statement and papers below for more details.



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